Best Sex Positions of eros escorts during Pregnancy

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Pregnancy should not make sex boring. Nevertheless, the body changes that come with pregnancy can make having sex during this time challenging. Some sex positions that you used to practice with your partner or eros escorts can no longer be possible when pregnant.

However, this is not a reason to stop having sex unless your midwife or doctor has a reason to suggest otherwise. There are many sex positions that you can try when pregnant. Here are some of the best sex positions to practice during pregnancy.

Classic Missionary

This is an ideal sex position during the first and the second trimesters. It may also be suitable during the third trimester though this depends on how comfortable you feel. With this sex position, the woman lies back relaxing while the partner penetrates her. Since you face each other while having sex in this position, the experience is more intimate.


This is an ideal sex position for all trimesters. However, it’s mostly ideal during the third trimester because the baby bump makes getting close to each other face-to-face difficult. Use a pillow to support the baby bump during the first and the second trimesters and roll over to the front to make penetration easier. The experience will be better if you have an experienced partner.

Girl on Top

This is an ideal sex position for all trimesters. You may lean forward when having sex in this position and hold to the bed for bounce control and extra support. The man can prop himself up using a pillow. This sex position is also great for a sofa or couch quickie. It is ideal for most pregnant women because it does not require them to spread their legs widely.

Doggy Style

This sex position takes the pressure off the pelvis and the back. It’s ideal for pregnant women who have pelvic or back pain. It also allows the woman’s partner to reach and stimulate the clitoris. Ordinary girls and hottest black pornstars prefer this position because it leads to faster orgasms due to a better penetration angle. You can relax weight onto pillows and cushions if you don’t feel energetic and focus on enjoying the experience.


This sex position is ideal for the first and the second trimester. When practicing the scissors sex position, you lie face-to-face with your partner. This feels loving and intimate because you can cuddle, kiss, and even maintain eye contact.

Other sex positions that you can try during pregnancy include the modified missionary position and side saddle. Nevertheless, take care not to put weight or pressure on your belly when having sex with your partner. Also, avoid spankings on the bellow or blowing air into the vagina.

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